Storymapping The User Experience

Find your story. Use your story. Get measurable results.

What does a great experience with a product, service, or brand have in common with a great story? Everything. Using my storymapping model for user engagement, I help businesses and organizations better acquire, convert, engage, and retain customers. Story first. Plot point by plot point. 

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Speaking & Keynotes

Want to inspire, inform, and entertain your audience? Whether you are planning a marketing, design, product, technology, or industry-specific event, I will help your audience see the world differently and change the way they think and work. 

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Training & workshops

Want to help your executive, marketing, design, or product management teams learn time-tested, bulletproof problem-solving skills so you can gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace?  

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Consulting & Coaching

Want to launch a new product or campaign or improve one for conversion or engagement, but aren't sure where to start? Whether you want people to find, sign up for, pay for, or simply do something, I will help you find your vision, clarify your goals, define your strategy, and develop and execute a roadmap for success.

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